Niether Jew Nor Greek prt 2

July 22, 2017

Part II of the "No Jew Nor Greek" episode.

Lex and Zion continue the topic.  Intial convo was suppose to be Black Hebrew Isrealites and Kinist, but as Zion noted" how can we address those groups and not the log in our own eye".   We continue the conversation from prt I,  Hope you enjoy.


Research on Diversty in denoms:


Neither Jew Nor Greek Prt 1

July 14, 2017

AUDIO GREATLY IMPROVED, thanks for sticking with us

Lex and Zion talk about race in the church.  Also about groups that feel that salvation is only for a certain racial group or only shared with a certain demographic. 


Research on Diversty in denoms:


Pilot Ep - Why…Cuz Christ came for me Prt II

June 14, 2017

Audio not so good - workign on things -

Lex and Zion conti talk about daily need of Christ


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intro music by Shai Linne


Pilot EP - Why…Cuz Christ came for me

June 10, 2017

Still testing audio.  Sorry for inconvience

Lex & Zion start a new era off. They delve into the reason for the name & converse about who Christ came for. 


Intro: Shai Linne "Nothing but the Blood"

Art: @TipMyKing


Baptism… Can We All Just get Along

May 28, 2017

Lex & Ben, talk baptism from a Reformed and Lutheran view.


EP2 - Apologetics: Implementing Law & Gospel w/ Caleb Keith prt2

April 10, 2017

Continued Interview with Caleb Keith, the producer of 1517s podcast "The Thinking Fellows".


We cover how the concept of Law & Gospel impact apologetics or evangelism.  Conversation then goes into the direction of a law and gospel dynamic with general application.

Remember to check the The Thinking Fellows podcast out and the 1517 Legacy website also.


EP1 - Apologetics: The Evidence: w/ Caleb from 1517 Legacy Prt 1

April 1, 2017

Good Day!

Things have changed a little.  But the name of the show is the Wittenberg Project.


Our first guest is Caleb Keith from 1517 Legacy and the producer of their podcast "Thinking Fellows".  He is currently a student at Concordia Irvine, has a lot of information from schooling and just life. 

The Thinking Fellows:

1517 LEgacy :


Check on 1517 LEgacy for great resources and listen to the Think fellows podcast as well


Episode 19 - The Gospel for the Sad

December 7, 2016

This week we have part one of a discussion about Dr. Rosenbladts lecture featured in episode 18. Lex and Coulson discuss the gospel for those made sad by the church. Make sure you go back and listen to episode 18 first. We will return next week with part two of this discussion. 


Featured Podcast: The art of Redemption & The Tech Reformation. 


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Episode 18 - The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt

December 1, 2016

Today Lex and Coulson air a presentation by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt entitled "The Gospel for those broken by the Church." Our intrepid hosts will return to discuss this episode. 

Dr. Rod Rosenbladt (Ph.D., University of Strasbourg), now retired, was a professor of theology at Concordia University in Irvine, California for over 30 years, and has contributed to numerous books and recorded presentations and is a regular comentor on The White Horse Inn. 

He is also an ordained minister in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS).

You can find this and much more from Dr. Rod Rosenbladt at and on Twitter: @ThinkingFellows


If the Ten Commandments were not impossible enough, the preaching of Christian behavior, of Christian ethics, of Christian living, can drive a Christian into despairing unbelief. Not happy unbelief. Tragic, despairing, sad unbelief. (It is not unlike the [unhappy] Christian equivalent of “Jack Mormons” – those who finally admit to themselves and others that they can’t live up to the demands of this non-Christian cult’s laws, and excuse themselves from the whole sheebang.) A diet of this stuff from pulpit, from curriculum, from a Christian reading list, can do a work on a Christian that is (at least over the long haul) “faith destroying.”

In this staggeringly potent presentation, Dr. Rosenbladt tackles what plagues many ‘recovering Christians’. Sticking to his unchanging theme of 200-proof Gospel, using his own history as an agnostic “outsider” to Christianity, Dr. Rosenbladt delivers the grace of the cross with all its potency, undiluted.

If you’ve struggled with your faith in your church because of what you’re seeing and hearing (and maybe don’t even go to church anymore), you don’t want to miss this powerful address – an unabashed analysis of the church today and what it is doing to many believers – from one who has experienced it himself.

Are we Christians saved the same way we were when we were baptized into Christ, or when we came to acknowledge Christ’s shed blood and His righteousness as all we had in the face of God’s holy law? That all of our supposed “virtue” – Christian or pagan – is just like so many old menstrual garments (to use the Bible phrase)? But that God imputes to those who trust Christ’s cross the true righteousness of Christ Himself? We are pretty sure that unbelievers who come to believe this are instantly justified in God’s sight, declared as if innocent, adopted as sons or daughters, forgiven of all sin, given eternal life, etc. But are Christians still saved that freely? Or are we not? We are pretty clear that imputed righteousness saves sinners. But can the imputed righteousness of Christ save a Christian? And can it save him or her all by itself? Or no?

For all of you who have been given morality lessons instead of the Gospel, hear how Dr. Rod Rosenbladt succinctly presents Christianity as first and foremost a genuine truth claim about Christ as our righteous substitute, instead of a never ending list of popular religious recipes for personal success.


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Flashback: Be There for Neighbor

November 9, 2016


Old episode we are re-releasing.  Hope you enjoy

We thought with all the debate regarding the presidential election and stress from life in-general.  That this episode would be a good thing to re-release.


Lex & Coulson respond to a video that Jeremy Lundmark (host of After the Sermon podcast and Contributor/Facilitator at Theologymix) submitted to them.

Link to video discussed:

The guys also banter about work ethic as a Christian & about helping a brother that appeared to be struggling.

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